About Mobile parking

For realization of the Mobile Parking project we have used experience of European countries, for this reason we involved partners with successful experience in similar projects in Europe. Commercial use of the Mobile Parking platform started in 2004 in Belgium, over time other European countries started to implement this system. Since then platform is being continuously improved and its functions widened. This system is implemented for trial use in the USA and Great Britain.

The company that has developed this platform has unique, even by the world standards, experience in organization of parking by means of mobile communication. The system is one of the very few 2nd generation platforms for organization of parking by means of mobile communication and administration of electronic permissions.

It combines deep understanding both of the mobile communication and the parking industry, and allows flexible integration of technologies such as IVR, SMS, MMS, WAP, RFID and NFC, and easily processes the most popular methods of payment.

GMS – is:

  • Telecommunication company, licensed network operator specializing in SMS- and MMS- services, mobile marketing and IT solutions for business.
  • Unique technical capacities, service coverage in 200+ countries and compliance with GSMA international standards guarantee our clients the timely delivery of personal and bulk messages worldwide.
  • Since its foundation in 2006 the history of company is the history of technological leadership and innovations, and such experience gives us the power to fulfill any initiative of our clients in the field of mobile marketing, IT and telecommunications.
Also in the project "Mobile parking" take part all mobile operators that offer their services in Kiev, Ukrainian processing center, bank "Raiffeisen Bank Aval".