Usage of Mobile parking

Using Mobile Parking is easy! - Simply send an SMS to the short code 516 to start and stop your parking session. The basic functions are easy to learn.

How to register and/or replenish (top-up) your mobile parking account ?

  1. To start using Mobile Parking service you must open your parking account.
    For this, you should buy Mobile parking voucher in the voucher sales points.

  2. After you open the package, you shall scratch the field, where you find your unique re-load number.

  3. - Send the found number (without spaces, hyphens or other special symbols) to the short number 516; or
    - Log-in to your web-account and enter the voucher reload code.

  4. You will get shortly an SMS- answer from us where is stated the amount you loaded into your account and end-balance.
When you log-in in via web, you have full overview of your payments history as well report of all other services used.

Other methods to be used for payments

  • On-line payment using payment cards VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard.
  • Contract signing and wire transfers to KTPS account for legal entities.

Basic Functions: Start/Stop

To start parking - SMS to us!

  1. Type SMS with tariff code where car is parked, followed by a space, and then your car license plate number.
    Example: A1 AA0000AA
    Note 1: The tariff code is located on the paid parking signs in the parking lot.
    Note 2: Do not include any spaces between letters/digits of license plate number.

  2. Send the message to short code 516.
    Note 1: If you had previously parked the same car, you need only enter the tariff code number (e.g. A1).
    Note 2: If you previously parked the same car in the same zone, you may simply send the letter "P" to the short code 516 to initiate parking.

  3. You will shortly receive a SMS confirming that your car AA0000AA is legally parked in zone A1 for a specific allotted time period.

To stop parking - SMS or call 516!

There are 2 options to stop parking: either you send a SMS-command "C" or you make a short call to 516:


  1. Write a SMS message and type the letter C.
  2. Send to short code 516
  1. With phone you used to sart parking with - just call to our number 516
  2. You will hear a short "thank you"-message and your parking is finished

After you finished your parking, you will receive a confirmation message saying that parking is finished, statin the cost of the session and remaining credit in your Mobile Parking account.

Example: "Car AA0000AA terminated parking at 3 pm. Session cost 12 UAH, remaining credit 88 UAH"

Advanced Functions

Information message - Code "I"
  1. Write a SMS message and type the letter I
  2. Send to short code 516.
  3. You will receive a message saying your phone's current status and remaining credit.
    Example: "You have no current parkings active. Your remaining credit 88 UAH"
Change language - Codes "Y" and "E"
  1. Write a SMS message and type the text Y for Ukrainian, E for English.
  2. Send to short code 516.
  3. You will receive a message saying your phone's language setting:.
    Example: "Your language is now English! Thank you using www.516.com.ua