Frequently Asked Questions

What am I to do if I lost my username and/or password?

Send a message with the text “PASS” from your mobile phone to the number 516 and you will be sent an SMS with your username and password.

How to start parking?

To start the first parking you need to create a parking account. Then you need to send an SMS with your parking tariff code and your car number to the number 516.

How to register?

The registration is free. Just go to the registration page and fill the necessary fields. It will not take you more than 2 - 3 minutes.

Why do I need to have a username and a password?

Using your username and password you will be able to get access to you personal account on the Mobile Parking web-site, change its settings, see your last actions, start and end your parking through the Internet.

May I use one phone number for parking of more than one car?

Sending an SMS with the car number you can start a parking session for any car. But simultaneously only one car can be parked for one telephone number.

Do I have to send the car number every time I park if I use only one car?

No. If you are parking the same car you may send SMS only with the parking tariff code to the number 516.

Do I have to sent the tariff code if I always park on the same parking area?

No. If you are parking the same car on the same parking area, you need only to send a message with the letter “P”to the number 516.

How can I know if the system is functioning?

You will always a response to every your message.

What to do if I don’t receive confirmations?

Check if you have enough money on your account by sending an SMS with the letter “I” to the number 516.

What to do if I used the Mobile Parking system but the wheels of my car where blocked?

Our systems stores records about all the operations. Workers of the parking areas check the car numbers using our system. If you correctly parked your car but the wheel blocking was applied to your car, please call to the support number (044) 362 - 44 -77.

Where can I buy the Mobile Parking scratch-cards?

Please click HERE to have a look to list of Voucher sales points.