Global Message Services jointly with the communal enterprise of Kyiv «Kiivtransparkservis» introduced «Mobile Parking», a new innovative project for citizens of Kiev, which allows to carry out calculations of parking services of cars by a mobile telephone.

Advantages for the city:

  • Transparent money flow due to increase of non-cash payments
  • Additional money to the city and state budgets which will be used to equip the parking areas with necessary facilities
  • The project doesn’t require the city to make capital expenditures
  • Online access to the parking statistics
  • The best European experience

Advantages for the users:

  • Convenience and ease of use
  • You don’t have to use cash
  • You pay only for actual time of parking
  • You can manage your own parking account, receive reports, make payments
  • You can recharge your parking account anytime anywhere
  • You receive a reminder when your parking time comes to an end