Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

2 General

3 Open virtual accounts and its completion

4 Start parking

5 Warning

6 End parking

7 Mistakes Consumers

8 Register online (www.516.com.ua) Consumer - legal entity

9 contracts with consumers

10 Liability

11 Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

1 Definitions

1.1 consumer - natural or legal person with whom the operator of parking has signed a contract to provide services "Mobile Parking", as well as a person who uses and pays for the service "Mobile parking" without a written contract.

1.2 Global Message Services Ukraine (dalі - TSGSU) - an organization acting under contract with the operator of the parking lot and allow the passage of SMS - messages and calls, referral of users to the number 516, and in the opposite direction.

1.3 Operator parking - The municipal enterprise "Kievtransparkservis", which operates on the basis of the Rules of parking of vehicles in the city of Kiev, approved the decision of the Kyiv City Council from 26.09.2002 № 0072086-01, and provides consumers with the service "Mobile parking."

1.4 «Mobile Parking» - a service that allows consumers to pay for parking in a certain area of the city of Kiev and the Kiev region through the use of mobile (cell) terminal equipment (mobile phone).

1.5 Virtual Account - the collection of data in electronic form of a certain number of Park units included in the Consumer Account Operator gives parking services "Mobile Parking" .

1.6 Scratch Card - a plastic card for a specific denomination with which the user makes a certain amount of units on the Park your virtual account.

1.7 Denomination Srketch card - cost Scratch Cards, expressed in UAH, which corresponds with the Park units as follows: 1 UAH = 1 Park -yunit.

1.8 Park-unit - the measurement unit used for accounting services GMS "Mobile Parking" that consumers get and / or is entitled to receive from the Operator parking within a certain period of time.

1.9 Code - a combination of characters (symbols), which gives consumers the right to open and replenish your virtual account.

1.10 Mobile operator - national GSM or CDMA operator registered in the territory of Ukraine.

2 General

2.1 These terms and conditions of use of the service "Mobile Parking" (hereinafter - Regulations) applies to consumers who signed a contract with the operator of the parking service "Mobile parking."

2.2 The contract for the service "Mobile Parking" is public and consumer enters it in writing or orally.

2.3 A proposal to conclude a contract for the service "Mobile Parking" operator of parking places in the media, advertising media, on television, etc. This proposal contains all the essential terms of the contract: cost of service "Mobile Parking" per unit of time, payment method, the method of concluding the contract.

2.4 "Mobile Parking" Consumers provides parking operator. GMS providing passage SMS - messages and phone calls directed to consumers in the short number 516 in the opposite direction.

2.5 «Mobile parking is available to consumers only in the area where the parking operator has a parking.

2.6 Operator identifies parking places where you can use the service "Mobile Parking" by the establishment there of road signs with information about the conditions of the car park. Information on such parking Consumers will also be able to find online ( www.516.com.ua ).

2.7 operator and parking GMS retain the right at any time to make changes and amendments to these Regulations without prior notice to the Consumer. Such amendments shall enter into force upon their publication on the site ( www.516.com.ua ). Warnings about the most important changes to these Terms will be posted on the website ( www.516.com.ua ).

2.8 In the event that one or more provisions of these Regulations will be invalid, all other provisions of these Terms shall remain in force.

2.9 A prerequisite for using the service "Mobile Parking" is the opening of the Consumer virtual accounts and receipts for virtual customer account a certain number of Park units (the completion of the Virtual Account).

3 open virtual account and its completion

3.1 Opening (replenishment) Virtual account provides user (driver) by sending a short number 516 SMS message with a special code (text message 1).

3.2 This code consumer receives after erasing a protective layer on the scratch card face value of 50 UAH . or 100 UAH. Scratch cards are distributed by the Operator of parking in the official points of sale.

3.3 After opening (replenishment) Virtual accounts, consumer receives a text message confirming the opening (replenishment) Virtual Account (text message 2), a proposal to change the language of SMS messages (short message 3) and instructions for future reference service "Mobile Parking" (text message 4).

3.4 In response to consumer receives an SMS message in the Ukrainian language in Latin letters.

3.5 Opening (replenishment) Virtual accounts can be carried out around the clock.

3.6 to select / change the Ukrainian language SMS messages consumer sends to the short number 516 SMS message, which indicates the letter "B" from the register of Ukrainian, Russian alphabets, or the letter "Y »from the register of the English alphabet (a text message 5).

3.7 In reply SMS message consumer receives a text message about changing the language (text message 6).

3.8 to select / change the English language SMS messages consumer sends to the short number 516 SMS message, which indicates the letter "E", regardless of case alphabet (a text message 7 ).

3.9 In reply SMS message consumer receives a text message about changing the language (text message 8).

4 Starting parking

4.1 to start parking consumer sends to the short number 516 SMS message in the form room parking lot "pass" the car number (text message 9). (For example: A7777 AA0000SV)

4.2 In reply SMS message specified in Sec. 4.1 The consumer receives a text message to confirm the start time and possible parking parking lot (SMS message 10), and the SMS message instruction to end parking the vehicle (SMS-message 11).

4.3 Parking time is calculated based on the actual time of parking the car. Tariffing per minute. Mathematical rounding time occurs in the direction of greater value.

4.4 The minimum parking time is 30 minutes.

4.5 charge for the service "Mobile Parking" commences at 8 o'clock 00 minutes. every day (including weekends and holidays) up to 20 hours 00 min., unless otherwise provided in the schedule of work parking lot.

5 Warning

5.1 For 20 minutes. before the end of Park units on a virtual account user receives the appropriate text message and offer to fill virtual account or leave a parking spot after 20 minutes (Post 12).

6 End parking

6.1 to closure parking consumer should call the short number 516 or send an SMS message to the number 516 with the letter "C" regardless of case alphabet (a text message 13).

6.2 After a call or send SMS message consumer receives a text message with information about the end of the parking lot and the rest of the Park units on a virtual account (SMS message 14).

6.3 Parking is considered completed when the consumer has received from GMS SMS message 14.

7 Mistakes Consumers

7.1 if the user has made a mistake in the mechanism, it is in response to receiving a text message with instructions on the right mechanism for obtaining services "Mobile parking."

8 Register online ( www.516.com.ua ) Consumer - legal entity

8.1 The procedure for registering on the site determines GMS.

8.2 When you register user - a legal entity must correctly specify the data, namely: full name, address, physical address, USREOU code, car registration number, telephone number and address email.

8.3 If you change any of the above in Sec. 8.2 data, consumer-legal person shall immediately, but no later than within 2 days, in writing or by e-mail GMS inform of change in the data.

8.4 information about consumers - the legal entity is confidential (see. Privacy Policy).

8.5 Consumer - legal person deemed to be registered on the site since the adoption of such a registration system GMS.

8.6 on successful registration GMS sends an e-mail users - entity e-mail confirmation of registration on the site, which specifies the information needed to receive services "Mobile Parking" login and password .

8.7 Consumer - legal entity shall maintain the confidentiality of all the information necessary to receive services "Mobile Parking", including login and password.

9 contracts with consumers

9.1 contract with a consumer - a natural person is verbally and shall come into force from the moment of opening their virtual account.

9.2 consumer contracts - a legal person is verbally or in writing, and shall enter into force on the date:

9.3 opening Virtual accounts in accordance with the conditions laid down in this Regulation (Consumer-individuals);

9.4 registering on the website in accordance with the conditions laid down in this Regulation (Consumer-legal entities).

9.5 consumer contracts - a legal entity ceases if he tells GMS about seven (7) working days.

9.6 The user can use the "Mobile parking" only if the validity of the contract and acceptance by the consumer provided for in this Regulation rights and responsibilities.

9.7 In case of termination of the Agreement the rights and obligations of the parties continue to operate until their execution.

9.8 Do not perform any act or refrain from acting, if it leads, or may lead to avoidance or reduction commitments, which take place under such conditions. Violation of the above-mentioned requirements provides GMS and / or operator of parking right to terminate the Agreement until such time as will not be reimbursed for all losses GMS and / or operator of parking as a result of such actions.

9.9 The consumer is not entitled to use the service "Mobile Parking" for the purposes which are not covered by this Regulation. In the case of non-compliance with this requirement by the Consumer TSGSU or parking operator has the right to exclude him from the list of customer service "Mobile Parking".

9.10 operator or parking GMS has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement, if the Customer fails to fulfill its obligations under these Regulations.

9.11 operator of parking does not guarantee uninterrupted service, "Mobile Parking" because it is not responsible for the proper functioning of the network of mobile operator. In this case, the consumer pays for parking in a different way (for example, through the purchase of parking tickets).

9.12 In the case where the parking area is clearly the time allotted for parking, parking session is terminated at a set time.

9.13 All SMS messages that user sends to a short number, paid by the consumer under the tariff plans and rates established by the mobile operator.

9.14 If you are unable to carry out denial of service "Mobile Parking" through a network of mobile operator that is used to provide the service "Mobile Parking" The consumer may exercise the refusal by a call to the number of Information Operator center parking: 0 800-300-516 (free)

10 Liability

10.1 GMS and / or operator of parking shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of the latest Consumers "Mobile Parking". In this case, the Customer agrees that the possibility of registering the beginning or end of the parking lot with a mobile phone or receiving SMS messages within receiving the service "Mobile Parking" depends on the functioning of the mobile network operators, which GMS concluded agreements.

10.2 GMS and / or operator of parking shall be liable only for direct or indirect damages due to the fault or gross negligence GMS and / or operators of parking. Responsibility for such damages shall be limited to a maximum size of 20% of the documented losses, taking into account the fact that several successive homogeneous cases are considered as one such case.

10.3 GMS and / or operator of parking shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses which have arisen as a result of:

- improper functioning of the mobile networks, which is used the consumer, resulting in non-delivery of SMS messages and calls;

- the circumstances or actions caused by third parties;

- misuse of Consumer Services "Mobile parking."

10.4 By pressing the «I agree» , located below, I certify that the terms and conditions of use "Mobile Parking" considered and adopted me. I agree to abide by these Terms and be responsible for their failure to comply.